What to expect as a patient of the Truckee Surgery Center

Prior to your appointment

Unlike a hospital, an ambulatory surgery center caters to the needs of patients who do not anticipate a long stay.

The Truckee Surgery Center staff will contact you by phone prior to your admission to determine your individual needs.  If you have not heard from us by 2:00 p.m. the day before your scheduled procedure, please call our office at 530-550-2940.  You will be given explicit instructions regarding check-in time and when to stop eating/drinking.

You must arrange for a responsible adult to drive you home after your discharge from the surgery center. You may not go home in a taxi unless you are accompanied by a responsible adult or approved by your surgeon.  We also recommend that you arrange for a responsible adult to be with you during the first 24 hours after your procedure for your protection and safety. You will be given written instructions for your care at home before leaving the surgery center.

If there is any change in your physical condition, such as a cold or fever, please notify your doctor immediately.

Day of your appointment

Your experience at Truckee Surgery Center will go much more smoothly if you do these things on the day of your procedure:

  1. Bring your insurance card and the completed registration forms
  2. Wear loose, comfortable clothing such as a sweat suit or an easy button shirt or blouse.
  3. Leave valuables at home, including all jewelry.
  4. If you wear glasses or contact lenses, bring your eye wear case for their safekeeping during your procedure. If you have any removable dentures or bridgework, we will give you containers so those pieces can be safely stored during your procedure.
  5. If you are a legal guardian for a Surgery Center patient who is under 18 years of age, you must accompany the minor and remain at the surgery center until the child’s discharge.
  6. If your child is having surgery, please feel free to bring his or her favorite comforting toy or blanket.

Upon your arrival you will be greeted by a friendly and experienced staff. You will then be able to meet your health care team consisting of your physician, the anesthesiologist, registered nurses and other health care professionals.

Your procedure will be performed in one of our two operating rooms suites.

After your surgical procedure, you will spend a short time recovering in our post anesthesia care unit. After being checked in to the recovery area, family and friends are welcomed to join you in a relaxed and pleasant environment.

You will be able to go home once full care instructions have been given specific to your procedure and any equipment that you might need has been reviewed.

After your appointment

After returning home, be sure to follow your doctor’s orders regarding diet, rest, activity and medication. It is not unusual to feel drowsy for several hours after your procedure.

Do not sign any important papers or make any legal decisions for 24 hours.

Do not drive, smoke, drink alcoholic beverages, operate heavy machinery or cook until the day after your procedure.

Keep any bandages dry, clean and in place until instructed otherwise by your doctor.

A nurse will call you the next working day after your procedure to see how you are and to answer any questions you may have.

If an emergency should arise after you have been discharged from the Surgery Center, contact your doctor, or go to the nearest emergency room.

You may receive an email with a link to our Patient Satisfaction Survey after your procedure.  We greatly appreciate this survey being completed by the patient so we can make improvements in our service.

Thank you for considering Truckee Surgery Center for your surgical/procedural needs.


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